Grundig Built-in Fridge Freezer | 55cm | 306 Ltr


Grundig Built-in Fridge Freezer , 2 years warranty

Brand Grundig
Style Built-in, Combi Fridge-Freezer
Size 55cm
Capacity Ltr 306


Grundig Built-in Fridge Freezer
Cooling Fan

The fan helps to “move” the cold air evenly in the compartment. This results in a correct distribution of temperature; an optimal humidity level and the rapid restoration of the internal temperature as a result of the opening of the fridge door.

LED lighting

The white LEDs illuminate the interior of the refrigerator intensely and with great elegance.

Fresh Food Compartment

It maintains a temperature range with an optimal degree of humidity for meat, fish and cheeses that will keep all their flavor longer.

Chrome Bottle Rack

The chrome rack is the ideal accessory to store the bottles to the fullest, maximzing the use of the available space in the refrigerator compartment.

Open Door Alert

Forgetting the open or ajar fridge door could compromise the freshness of the food stored inside. For this reason we thought of an alarm that after about 1 minute reminds you to close the refrigerator door: no more waste!

Quick freeze

The Quick Freeze function allows you to accelerate the process of freezing food in the Frieza sector, thanks to a temperature of -27°C.

  • Total Volume: 306 L
  • Product Size (AxLxP): 194x540x545 mm
  • Static with Fan
  • Energy Efficiency Class F
  • Cooling Fan
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Fresh Food Compartment
  • Chrome Bottle Rack
  • Open Door Alert
  • Quick Freeze