Beko 9kg Dryer with Sensor | A++

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Perfect drying, no bleaching of colors

You like to wear different colored clothes, but the colors have faded to pastel shades over time. What happened? The tumble dryer happened. Now there is EcoGentle™, an innovative drying technology that preserves the color of clothes. Heat pump tumble dryers use an air conditioning system for gentler drying and better energy efficiency.

AquaWave®Wave movement in the drum for gentler drying of laundryDrying can damage clothes. That’s why there are AquaWave® curved glass doors and specially designed paddles that move the laundry in waves inside the drum, which makes the treatment of clothes more gentle and the drying effect better. The next time someone compliments you on an outfit and you reply, “What, this old thing?”, you might not be far from the truth.