Beko 7kg Dryer with Sensor | Dark Inox | A++

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Perfect drying without color bleeding

You love colorful clothes, but your wardrobe has changed to faded pastels. What happened? Ah, the dryer. Now there is EcoGentle™ technology, which allows clothes to retain their original color thanks to innovative drying technology. A standard condenser dryer works together with an air conditioning system, which means that clothes are dried more gently and the dryer is more energy efficient.


Wavy drum movement for careful handling

Drying can have a detrimental effect on your clothes. But the AquaWave® system with the curved glass door and the specially designed paddles that make the laundry in the drum make an undulating movement that treats clothes more gently and dries them better. If someone soon compliments you on your clothes and you say, “What, this old thing?” then maybe you really mean it.