Grundig 60cm Fan Assisted Single Oven with Booster Function


Colour Stainless Steel
Brand Grundig
Capacity Ltr 60
Style Built-in
Size 60cm

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Booster Function

Ideal for when you’re in a rush, the booster function will rapidly heat up the oven to save valuable time and help you start cooking straight away.

Excellent Clean Glass Door

Our innovative nano-coated glass surface prevents food and grease from building up on the inside of the oven door. By staying spotless for longer, you won’t need to clean the oven door as often or for as long; simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean.


Perfect for open-plan kitchens, our quiet ovens operate at a noise level of just 41dB, which is less than half than the volume of a standard oven.


By removing the need to scrub the oven walls, catalytic liners make cleaning your oven satisfyingly simple. Sitting on the inside of the oven cavity, the specially coated panels catch dirt and grease from inside of the oven, while also reducing unwanted cooking odours.

Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel

The stainless steel fascia surface has been designed to resist dirt and grease, offering an oven that’s always fingerprint free.


Oven Functions

  • Static Cooking
  • Fan Grilling
  • Half Grill Cooking
  • Slow Cooking
  • Warm Keeping
  • Bottom Heater
  • Full Grill Cooking
  • Cooling Fan

Dimensions & Weights

  • Net Weight – 34.6kg
  • Product Height – 595mm
  • Product Width – 594mm
  • Product Depth – 567mm